HE-DELP Room C02, Temp. & Humidity Sensor c/w Modbus, C02 0-10v +RELAY

AU $287.00


MODBUS Room Temperature, CO2 & Humidity Sensor c/w digital display for BMS or data logger monitoring or/& direct zone control for CO2.

Also incorporates zone CO2 control with both a 0-10vDC (over 0-2000ppm by default) Output + on/off N/O relay rated at 0.7 amp @ 60v AC or DC.

On request, the CO2 0-10v output can be factory preset for a control range output  i.e 700-1000 ppm plus has an onboard relay (which is site adjustable) for local modulating & / or on/off control of EC fan or damper motor for local CO2 control.

This sensor is an ideal low-cost sensor for temperature, humidity & CO2 measurement for BMS companies and for direct fresh air zone co2 control requirements negating the need for a controller if only CO2 control is required.

Powered by 12-24vAC or DC  .

Quantity discounts can apply , please contact our office.