HCP7 CARPARK AS1668.2 CO CONTROLLER universal sensor I/P range

AU $890.00


HCP7 CARPARK CO and NO2 GAS CONTROLLER as per AS1668.2 **** WITH USER SETTABLE SENSOR INPUT RANGE**** for lower cost version with FIXED I/P range to suit hevac HGS gas sensors see HCP7F 


Can read 7 sensors direct & via expansion modules upto 42.

Able to control On/Off or Variable speed fans.

We consider our CO & NO2 sensors the best sensors on the market with very handy test pins to test operation, simple start & range cal pots so no special instruments other than a voltmeter (& test gas) required and a very handy external indication led to show active output, all of which makes commissioning & testing a breeze, NOTE : WITH THIS VERSION OF THE HCP7 CONTROLLER OTHER BRAND CO & NO2 SENSORS CAN BE USED and the controllers sensor input range programmed accordingly.

view HCP7- SALES pdf

            see also :   HCP7F  fixed I/P range version 

                              HGSU-CO CO SENSOR

                              HGS-NO2 NO2 SENSOR PDF

                             HLW1 INDUSTRIAL THERMOSTAT PDF

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 100 mm


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